Aeronautic and spatial filtration

From Last Chance Filters to filtration manifolds, Novintec answers all its customers' issues concerning the cleanliness of fluids and gases.

Novintec’s equipment can operate in the harshest of environments

Novintec develops, qualifies and produces a comprehensive range of filtration systems to purify all types of fluids and gases on aircraft and helicopters :

For more than forty years Novintec has been offering its customers its expertise, various processes and technologies to answer the needs expressed by its customers in order to achieve levels of filtration for numerous applications, for both aircraft and helicopters, and also space activities.


Technologies :

  • Metal filtering medium
  • Metal fibres
  • Sintered mesh
  • Perforated sheet

Processes :

  • Spot welding
  • TIG or Plasma welding
  • Electron beam welding
  • Bonding
  • Nickel brazing

Applications :

  • Cylindrical filters, or pleated filters to decrease pressure drop with limited size
  • Safety filters, in line, or strainers
  • All type of fluids: hydraulic, fuel, lubricating, cooling circuits, etc…


Novintec designs and manufactures full filtration systems, equipped with pre-clogging indicators (electrical) and clogging indicators (visual), and bypass valves.



Novintec has come to integrate its own filters and components on more complex equipment to become a system integrator.

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Novintec has a unique recognized expertise in the control and monitoring of fluids and gases.

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Nuclear and industrial filtration

Novintec offers rugged and effective metallic filtration solutions for all kind of fluids, environment and applications.

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